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The Bride:

Rachel Rachel was born in Lewiston, Idaho in 1978. She was raised on the Parks family farm near Kendrick, Idaho. After high school, she attended Lewis and Clark State College in Lewiston for a year before transferring to her Dad's alma mater, the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho working on a degree in Recreational Therapy. In her third year at the U of I, Rachel and Nate met at her neighbors apartment. For their first date, they went to Sella's, a local pizza and calzone joint and have been together ever since.

For the last three years, Rachel has been the site coordinator for Troy's after school programs and for a Junior High summer program for kids in Troy, Deary, and Bovill. When Nate got a job at Intel in March of 2005, Rachel wanted to stay for one more summer with the Junior High summer program. She misses the job, the people and the kids very much, but looks forward to living in Folsom and exploring the rest of California.

The Groom:

Rachel Nate was born in Plains, Montana in 1980. He grew up in Thompson Falls, Montana where he worked through school at his Dad's hardware store. After high school, Nate moved to Moscow, Idaho with his best friend Seth to attend the University of Idaho, where he studied Computer Engineering for the next 5.5 years.

Nate met Rachel at a neighbors birthday party 3 years into his college career, and they have been together ever since! He spent the summer of 2002 in the Tri Cities, Washington performing an engineering internship with DMJMH+N, an architectural and engineering firm. Nate moved into Rachels apartment for his next school year. That following summer, Nate moved to Folsom, California and took the next fall semester off from school to perform an engineering internship for Intel.

After his internship with Intel was over, Nate moved into Seth's apartment for Nate's last year of college. That next summer, Seth got Nate an internship at the place that he worked, AHA - an engineering company in Pullman, Washington. Nate was happy to have his internship turn into a part time job for his last semester of school.

After graduating, Nate got a job with Intel in Folsom, California. In March of 2005, Nate finally had to say good bye to the "fab 4" (Rachel, Seth and Seth's then girlfriend, now fiance, Melissa) and the 2 bedroom apartment when he moved down to Folsom for his new job with Intel. He misses his friends and family, but is enjoying Folsom, and his new friends in California.
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